Well there might be a lot of youngsters waiting for this day to bring out their Romeo and Juliet. This day might be considered as an auspicious day to propose their beloved ones. I wish them all the best. May this day change your life topsy-turvy (I mean in a positive way) and brighten your life with love. C’mon BRING IT ON.!!

For those who are already committed, I owe you my support and I hope you will be the same forever. This is your day. Make this day unforgettable. C’mon ROCK n ROLL.!!

Finally for our mates(alone but happy) , I wish you a very very happy THURSDAY..! Treat this day with the same respect as you give to other Thursdays. Don’t regret on seeing any silly things that morons do. ALONE ON VALENTINE’s DAY..! Be proud to be single. C’mon CHEERS.!!

Here’s an interesting stuff…. A unique dress code for FEB 14th :
White : Double side
Black : Not interested
Yellow : Failure
Green : Applications welcomed
Blue : Single
Red : Already booked
Make sure your wear the appropriate color dress..
Intellectuals always choose the right way..
All the best..!

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கோவை ஆவி said...

Valentine's day wishes buddy! ALONE on this Valentine's day --- Sometimes we feel the gifts that we receive as a burden..!! You know what I mean! Have a blast!!

Rahul Ramfort said...

yup:) rytly said.. Annnd i'm quite happy about that gift..

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