I’m sure guys this will be immensely useful to you and you would’ve never come across these fascinating tips. Give it a try.

12 Expert Google Search Tips

1. Explicit Phrase:
Lets say you are looking for content about internet marketing. Instead of just typing internet marketing into the Google search box, you will likely be better off searching explicitly for the phrase. To do this, simply enclose the search phrase within double quotes.
Example: "internet marketing"

2. Exclude Words:
Lets say you want to search for content about internet marketing, but you want to exclude any results that contain the term advertising. To do this, simply use the "-" sign in front of the word you want to exclude.
Example Search: internet marketing -advertising

3. Site Specific Search:
Often, you want to search a specific website for content that matches a certain phrase. Even if the site doesn’t support a built-in search feature, you can use Google to search the site for your term. Simply use the "" modifier.
Example: "internet marketing"

4. Similar Words and Synonyms:
Let’s say you want to include a word in your search, but want to include results that contain similar words or synonyms. To do this, use the "~" in front of the word.
Example: "internet marketing" ~professional

5. Specific Document Types:If you’re looking to find results that are of a specific type, you can use the modifier "filetype:". For example, you might want to find only PowerPoint presentations related to internet marketing.
Example: "internet marketing" filetype:ppt

6. This OR That:
By default, when you do a search, Google will include all the terms specified in the search. If you are looking for any one of one or more terms to match, then you can use the OR operator.(Note: The OR has to be capitalized.
Example: internet marketing OR advertising

7. Phone Listing:
Let’s say someone calls you on your mobile number and you don’t know who it is. If all you have is a phone number, you can look it up on Google using the phonebook feature.
Example: phonebook:617-555-1212 (note: the provided number does not work – you’ll have to use a real number to get any results).

8. Area Code Lookup:
If all you need to do is to look-up the area code for a phone number, just enter the 3-digit area code and Google will tell you where it’s from.
Example: 617

9. Numeric Ranges:
This is a rarely used, but highly useful tip. Let’s say you want to find results that contain any of a range of numbers. You can do this by using the X..Y modifier (in case this is hard to read, what’s between the X and Y are two periods.) This type of search is useful for years (as shown below), prices, or anywhere where you want to provide a series of numbers.
Example: president 1940..1950

10. Stock (Ticker Symbol):
Just enter a valid ticker symbol as your search term and Google will give you the current financials and a quick thumb-nail chart for the stock.
Example: GOOG

11. Calculator:
The next time you need to do a quick calculation, instead of bringing up the Calculator applet, you can just type your expression in to Google.
Example: 48512 * 1.02

12. Word Definitions:
If you need to quickly look up the definition of a word or phrase, simply use the "define:" command.
Example: define:velocity

Hope this list of Google search tips proves useful in your future Google searches. If there are any of your favorite Google expert power tips that I’ve missed, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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Cricket- IND VS ENG: 1ST ODI @ Rajkot, 11/02/13

ENG 325/4 (TOSS)
Bell 85
IND 316/9
Yuvraj 60
RESULT: Eng won by 9 runs.
Mom: Tredwell 4/44

MATCH ANALYSIS: It was England who were tagged the UNDERDOGS but they showed us why they are the No.1 ODI team. Here is the analysis of performance of both the teams.

England won the toss and they chose to bat.

Rajkot hosting its first international ODI match proved to be a batting paradise. Average 1st innings score here was 303 and with England having strong batting line-up was sure of surpassing a score of 300. Alastair Cook and Bell started confidently and were very watchful over Bhuveneshwar Kumar. The outfield was very very fast and that frustrated the Indian bowlers. Runs were flowing easily and the run rate was always above 6. Indian opening pace attack of Kumar and Ishant hardly troubled the experienced openers. The openers laid a solid platform finding a boundary of almost every over. With the new rule allowing only 4 fielders outside the ring, spinners found it difficult to contain the English batsmen. Bell brought his own downfall by running a needless run at fine leg and Rahane with a direct run sent Bell packing for a well made 85 off 96 deliveries. The opening partnership was 158, the highest for England against India. Sooner Cook too fell for Raina, top edging it to fine leg. It was Rahane again. Raina and Jadeja dried up the boundaries. The dangerous men Pietersen and Morgan struggled against the duo. Ishant started the powerplay with a great over giving just 1 run. Thereafter Pietersen and Morgan attacked the bowlers. The scoreboard read 218/4 when Pietersen and Morgan departed. The former was brilliantly caught in the long off by Virat while the latter hit Dinda for a six and four in the same over before perishing to a slow ball from him. He took a low return catch. Third umpire was referred as the catch taken was not obscure. Eventually Third umpire gave it as out. From there Samit Patel and Kieswetter took off. The duo managed to score an aggressive 70 off the last six overs. Ishant was hit for 20 in the penultimate over and Kumar for 18 in the final over, giving India a competitive 326 runs as target. Thanks to Samit Patel who hammered a quickfire 40 off 20 balls.
Yes, it was the same target that Dada and Co chased down in the final of the NatWest series in 2005 at “THE MECCA OF CRICKET” Lords. Hence the famous scene, Ganguly removing his shirts off and making distinct and never-seen-before celebrations flashed through my memory.

India began their chase solidly with both Rahane and Gambhir scoring over 6 runs per over. Then there came the spinners, Tredwell and debutant Joe containing the Indian openers. The latter didn’t get the opportunity to bat but bowled good off spin. Just bowled wicket to wicket. Rahane fell to the pressure, trying to go inside out but mishitting the ball to long off. Virat didn’t seem to be in any sort of comfort. He was lacking his usual elegance and style. Gambhir scored a well compiled half century and looked solid for a big innings. But he fell to Tredwell trying to flick it over mid wicket. The game changer Yuvraj came to the crease. Sooner Kohli lacking foot movement fell to Bresnan. A simple catch to the keeper. Kohli’s poor run continued. It was Raina who came next. There was not a cricketing reason found of why Raina came ahead of the skipper. It was a mystery unknown. Yuvraj looked good, scored a half century quickly before getting out in the same fashion as he got out in the NatWest final. He was looking to paddle sweep but got it edged to the hands off fine leg. That was a crucial break for the English. Then India’s best batsmen at present, MSD came to the crease. Raina scored a half century. When about 90 runs were required of the last 10 overs, the duo took the attack. Raina after well set got out cheaply. A return catch to Tredwell, a soft dismissal. Dhoni showed his displeasure this time. Dhoni then hit two huge sixes of Samit Patel bringing down the equation to 69 off last seven. It was Dernbatch who did the trick for England. He sent back both the skipper and Jadeja in the same over. Dhoni picking out a slow ball and hitting it to the throat of long off and Jadeja inside edged a short ball trying to pull. The game was won by England at that time itself. Ashwin and Kumar played some cheeky shots just to reduce the defeat margin. 32 needed off last three. Ashwin hit a boundary over the long on and it provided some excitement to the crowd. The very next ball Finn sent him packing with a bouncer. A fine edge to the keeper. Kumar tried to pull back things but it was too late. 18 needed off the last over. England exactly got 18 off the last over from Kumar. But India couldn’t do it, losing the first match by 9 runs.

The game changer was the Samit Patel for England who made Ishant’s figures worst. Ishant besides bowling two maiden overs and a one run over gave away 86 runs and it cost us the match. He didn’t bowl a single Yorker and so the England batsmen were able to hammer him. In the batting department, India certainly missed Sehwag’s service at the top. He could have been a huge asset especially in a surface like this. Next, Dhoni should bat up the order. It is too late for him to come and do any construction. Hopes he promotes himself ahead of Raina in the coming matches.

(This is my first post. If found with any discrepancies, kindly bear with me. Will avoid it in the future.)

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