Aussies Whitewashed...;-)

Just a while ago, the Next-Gen Indian team brownwashed the Aussies 4-0 in our own turf. Let’s have a look at the series.

  •       Indian team was under immense pressure after losing to England 1-2 at home.

  •        With Dravid and Laxman retired, Indian middle order lacked solidity and this series was an acid test for them.

  •        India won the first test comprehensively through a blitzkrieg innings from our Captain Cool. He scored his maiden double ton (224,first by an Indian keeper).

  •    This match provided the momentum for the Indian team and the Aussies were right on the back foot.

  •                 In the second match, it was Pujara and Vijay who stole the show with their record 387 run partnership. Pujara scoring a mammoth 204 and Vijay 167. India secured a 2-0 unassailable lead.

  •       After the poor performance in the first two tests, Viru was dropped from the squad.

  •       In the meantime, Watson, Pattinson, Khawaja, Johnson were dropped from the third test since they didn’t complete their feedback assignments in time. This was a major setback to the team.

  •       In the third test, Indian team went out with an all new opening pair and the stage was set for Dhawan to make his test debut.

  •       Despite losing the first day to rain, India still won the test and retained the Border-Gavaskar trophy. Dhawan was on fire scoring a quick 187 that recalled everyone of the man he replaced. Vijay scored his 2nd consecutive 150+ too.

  •      This match went down to the wire with 15 need off 20 balls with 4 wickets down. MSD and Jadeja took India past the scoreline. Unfortunately, Dhawan was injured during the test and was ruled out of the series.

  •       In the final test, it was a wonderful performance from the Saurashtra boys. Pujara scoring twin fifties. His 82* in the second innings ensured India chased down a tricky target of 164 in the spinning track. Jadeja on his part scored an attacking 43 in the first innings and took a five-fer in the second innings with the ball. It was his allround show that won India the match and he was rightly adjudged MoM.

  •       Thus, Aussies were whitewashed 4-0 and it was only their second time in the history. India avenged for their 4-0 clean sweep loss in Oz earlier this year.

  •       It was a huge relief for MSD as he was drastically criticized after the consecutive series losses.

  •       Indian youngsters performed extremely well with Vijay and Pujara scoring over 400 runs and Ashwin and Jadeja taking 27 and 23 wickets respectively.

·       Well , it is just the beginning and one has to wait to judge whether these guys perform well overseas too.


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Prestigious Pope

Everyone of us knows about Pope. But how well we know about that term??? Let’s see..!

  • The term Pope is derived from a Latin word ‘Papa’ & a Greek word ‘Pappas’, meaning a child’s father.

  • Pope is the BISHOP of the Rome and the leader of the worldwide Catholic church.

  • He is also the head of the Vatican state city.

  • Papacy : The office of the Pope.

  • It is believed that Jesus appointed Peter as the head of the Church and Pope is believed to be the successor of Saint Peter.

  • Saint Peter is also referred to as the First Real Pope.

  • The Pope who succeeded St. Peter was St. Linus.

  • The first Pope to retire was Pope St. Pontian.

  • The Pope who is currently in office is Pope Francis who succeeded Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013).

  • There are about 267 Popes till date.

  • Pope Benedict IX has the honour for holding papacy three separate times in his life.

  • A Saint’s prophecy believes that there are only two more Popes left. Never mind..! We just came through the dooms day prophecy failing miserably.

  • Pope Francis has an account in twitter but has not tweeted yet.




Please don’t hesitate for any clarifications and corrections. Additional informations are welcomed with both hands.

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Biometrics - A Small Intro

Here is just a precise intro to Biometrics. Hope you have already got enough knowledge about this topic. 

  • Biometrics is a technology used for analyzing the identity of a person.

  • Bios = life ; metrics = measurement.

  • It refers to the identification of humans through their distinctive physiological and behavioral attributes.

  • Firstly, a reference model of the subject is taken and stored in a template.

  • Secondly, some fake samples are matched with the models and the outcome is studied.

  • Finally, at the time of authentication, the model is compared with the appropriate person for verifying his identity.

2D and 3D technology:

  • This technology is now being used in 2D in India and the 3D technology is becoming popular overseas.

  • 2D technology can be used with the cooperation of the subject (in case of passport and other verification) and also without his cooperation (using a cam for capturing and matching a person even in a crowd).

  • The 3D technology can recognize the person even if the expressions alone are different but a 2D cant.

  • 3D technology requires the cooperation of the subject during the processing of the reference model which a 2D doesn’t require.

  • The cost and technology of 3D is higher and complex over 2D.

 But as we know that the technology advances day by day, the 3D technology will become more simple easier to use. Thereby serving as a security against the intruders.  

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Awesome Androids

We are well aware of the term “Android”, the world’s widely used smartphone platform which surpassed Symbian, a few years ago. But just have a look at these info.


  • Android is basically a linux (version V 2.6 kernel) based OS which was developed by ANDY RUBIN in Palo Alto, California in 2003 for smartphones.

  • It was originally the product of the Open Handset Alliance but was bought by Google in 2005.

  • Android was first unveiled in November 5, 2007.

  • The first android phone was G1 by HTC and was first sold in Oct, 2008.

  • Android apps are the customized versions of Java.

  • To kindle innovation, Google sponsored two rounds of "Android Developer Challenges" and millions were awarded to the top contenders.

  • There are around 700,000 apps for Android.

  • The logo for the Android operating system is an apple green robot designed by Irina Blok.
  • On 13 March 2013, Andy Rubin had moved from the Android division to the director of mobile platform and was replaced by Sunder Pichai.

  •  Sunder Pichai is a 41 year old engineer, born in chennai and now settled in US. He is the senior vice president for Android, Chrome and Google apps.
Different versions of Android:

  •  It is to be noted that the versions are named in the alphabetical order.

  • Every version is named after some yummy refreshments.

Well, Of course, this is just the beginning of an era and there are certainly a lot of updates to follow, there could be a dramatic change over in the usage and development of the Android. So be prepared to welcome the advancements.

To be successful you have to be different
-         MSD.

 And that’s how Androids are. So whats your take on Androids???

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