Modular Phones - The Next Big Thing

You might have heard about this.. 
Modular Phones..!!
If succeeded they'll certainly be the next big thing like the Androids..

Almost everyone has a smartphone today .. The choice of the phone entirely depends on the individuals' need.

It may be due to the Camera quality or Battery Life or RAM or any other specification, that one wishes to buy the particular phone.

But have you wondered, why can't there be a phone which can contain all the best specs assembled.
The answer is Modular Phone.

Modular Phones are designed in such a way that all the components are independent of the other but connected to the central module which controls the skeleton

This could mean that you can get the components as per your need and make it your desired phone.

If some hardware goes wrong, you could well replace that part alone. No need to worry.

The major advantage is that , only one luxury phone with the best hardware will satisfy the entire family's need. Whoever is in need of a particular hardware can make use of that.

The idea actually came from an Artist which Motorola bought. Motorola later was bought by Google and now Google has been developing the idea.

The project has been named "Project Ara". Google for more information on that project.

The first model is expected to be out by early 2015. The lower end configuration will be priced $50 while the higher end at $500.

This is still a gamble, but if it does well, it will be the next big thing for sure..!!

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