Modular Phones - The Next Big Thing

You might have heard about this.. 
Modular Phones..!!
If succeeded they'll certainly be the next big thing like the Androids..

Almost everyone has a smartphone today .. The choice of the phone entirely depends on the individuals' need.

It may be due to the Camera quality or Battery Life or RAM or any other specification, that one wishes to buy the particular phone.

But have you wondered, why can't there be a phone which can contain all the best specs assembled.
The answer is Modular Phone.

Modular Phones are designed in such a way that all the components are independent of the other but connected to the central module which controls the skeleton

This could mean that you can get the components as per your need and make it your desired phone.

If some hardware goes wrong, you could well replace that part alone. No need to worry.

The major advantage is that , only one luxury phone with the best hardware will satisfy the entire family's need. Whoever is in need of a particular hardware can make use of that.

The idea actually came from an Artist which Motorola bought. Motorola later was bought by Google and now Google has been developing the idea.

The project has been named "Project Ara". Google for more information on that project.

The first model is expected to be out by early 2015. The lower end configuration will be priced $50 while the higher end at $500.

This is still a gamble, but if it does well, it will be the next big thing for sure..!!

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Droid & Me...!

Android - The latest trending mobile OS that has revolutionized the world with its amazing performance ..
Click to know more about android..! Just a brief note on my experience with Android.

           Since I was very much attracted to android, I was eager to create apps and know how the stuffs actually work. After studying the basics, I was fascinated. That was the moment I began to write apps.

          There was a need for me to have an app of my own to keep track of all the classes I bunk. Also I needed to learn how to develop an android app. The result was Bunkdance. It was a simple app that keeps track of the number of classes bunked. It was limited to my subjects in that semester alone. Yet, it was really cool to use my own app and the happiness that I experienced when people used my app was just inexpressible.

 So thought, why not create a generalized version of the app so that everyone can make use of it. 

          Bunkster was the generalized version of Bunkdance and it can be customized. It allowed users to chose the no of subjects they have, change the name of each subject and have a look at the total bunks that they have made. It crossed 200 downloads. Though it was very few in number, i was pleased.

Slowly this became my passion and started writing more apps, like Virtuoso14 - the app for my department function and MyLogger - to keep track of the no of hours spent for an activity (might be your work at office , gym, training, etc)

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The Indian Grandmaster - Anand..!

  • Whenever you hear the word Chess, the name "VISWANATHAN ANAND" will flash in your mind.

  •  Anand has been the undisputed world chess champion since 2007 and has proved his class over the years against the experienced as well as the young promising opponents.

  • On Friday, the Indian Grandmaster was finally dethroned by Norway’s 22 year old, Magnus Carlsen.

  • Carlsen dominated this world championship throughout and played to his strengths while Anand was forced to play to his weakness.

  • Carlsen picked up a draw on Friday thus making a tally of the required 6.5 points over Anand’s 3.5. He won the game 5, game 6 and game 9.

  • Anand needed three wins in a row and was going for the kill in game 10 but Carlsen showed his master class and held the game to a draw.

  • Carlsen is now the second youngest Chess Champion, just 5 months elder to the youngest Chess Champion Garry Kasparov who won in 1985.

  • Anand’s world championship might have been gone but nevertheless Anand has been the best Grandmaster India has ever produced.

Chess and Vishy:

  • Anand started to play chess right from the age of 5 and has single handedly propelled India to the top of the chess world.

  • In 1984, he became the youngest Indian to win world junior chess championship at the age of 14 and showed the world that Indians can play Chess.

  • At just 18, he became India’s first Grandmaster and was awarded Padma Shri.

  • He has won Chess Oscar (given to the best player of the year worldwide) six times – 1997,1998,2003,2004,2007 and 2008.

  • He won the world chess championship five times – 2000,2007,2008,2010,2012.

  • He even became one of the six ever to break the 2800 mark on the FIDE rating list.

  • He was awarded Khel ratna in 1991 and voices have been raised for conferring him with Bharat Ratna.

  • He is a legend and will always be remembered as the "Sachin Tendulkar" of Indian chess. Such was his dominance.

  • His carrer is not only an inspiration for Indian Chess but also taught how to chase a dream and achieve it.

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Virat – The Future :

  •  Virat Kohli scored a match winning 86 yesterday against the Carribeans and in the process crossed the 5000 run landmark with a massive six.

  • He is now the joint-fastest batsmen to reach 5000 run mark along with Sir Vivian Richards.

  • Both Kohli and Richards played 114 innings although the West Indian Legend featured in 126 matches, six more than Kohli.

  • During this record, he also surpassed Sourav Ganguly’s record of fastest 5000 by an Indian (126 innings).

  • He could have surpassed Sir Vivian Richards’s record in his previous match itself but was unfortunately run out without troubling the scorers.

  • He also holds the record for most ODI hundreds scored with 5000 runs or less.

  • Kohli now tops the ICC ranking for ODI batsmen with 857 rating points, 8 points ahead of AB de Villiers.

  • He has established himself in all the formats especially in the shorter formats of the game.

  • He has shown the world that he is capable of scoring either a blitzkrieg innings or an anchoring innings.

  • He is averaging 68.98 in winning cause in ODIs and 65.54 while chasing, which is the highest in ODIs.

  • He has got that aggressive attitude, determination and appetite for runs, which has kept him going.

  • Though he has a lot of haters because of his arrogant attitude, he has kept them silenced with his performances.

  • He is just 25 and has already scored 17 centuries.

  • If anybody could surpass Sachin’s record of most centuries in ODIs, then it could well be this young sensation.

  • He along with Rohit Sharma has formed the backbone of Team India.

  • Certainly, the future of Indian batting is in the
    safe hands.

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Mangalyaan - "the ISRO baby"...!

  • India today has successfully launched its first mission to Mars "Mangalyaan", a Rs 450 crore mission.

    • Mangalyaan means "Mars craft" in Hindi.

    • It is the size of a small car and is meant to make a 300-day journey to study the Martian atmosphere.

    • It has been in the making for 15 months started at once after China's Mars missile failed in 2011.

    • Over 500 scientists worked with sleepless nights.

    • The launch has put India in the group of four countries that includes America, Russia and Europe.

    • The mission is aimed at establishing the country's capability to reach the Red Planet.

    • And focussing on looking for the presence of methane, an indicator of life, in Mars.

    • It was launched at 2.38 pm, entering orbit around Earth 44 minutes after blast-off.

    • It will reach Mars orbit by September 2014.

    • This mission will undoubtedly make India,  a nation to be reckoned with space research and exploration.

    • This mission is comparatively cheap yet critics have questioned whether a country with poverty like ours can afford to spend this huge amount in Mangalyaan.

    • On the other hand, optimists say that this mission will in turn reflect in the development of economy of the country and could possibly reduce poverty.

    What's your say...?

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    The Great Indian Run Chase...!

    What a fantastic chase that was…! Second highest successful run chase in the history of ODI cricket and that’s the best run chase ever by India.


    • ·       Australian batsmen were on rampage as they hammered the Indian bowlers for the second successive time in this series.

    • ·       The Indian bowlers looked clueless as each one of the top 5 batsmen scored a half century which is a record.

    • ·       Eventually, India were left to chase a daunting target of 360, thanks to some hard hitting by Maxwell and Bailey.

    • ·       In reply, the openers Dhawan and Rohit started off steadily scoring about 6 an over.

    • ·       Dhawan had two lucky escapes and after that he began to explode. The short pitch delieveries were smashed with ease by Dhawan. Every bowler was greeted with a boundary.

    • ·       Finally, Faulkner broke the partnership at 172, getting rid of Dhawan on 95 off just 86 balls .

    • ·       Then came the young sensation Virat Kohli.

    • ·       The man who brought the attention of the world with his aggression (8 fours and 7 sixes).

    • ·       Virat scored 100 off just 52 balls which is the fastest ton ever by an Indian.

    • ·       Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma finally lived up to his promise and proved that he is capable of holding the innings together with his master class 141.

    • ·       His highest score ever, which won him the man of the match.

    • ·       India winning the match by 9 wickets with a whooping 39 balls to spare and proved why they are the world champions.

    • ·       The 7 match series is now leveled at 1-1.

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    Happieee Independence day ......??

    * August 15, 1947 , the day India got freedom from the arrogant English.

    * It was not pronounced in a matter of years. It was indeed acquired after decades of struggle.

    * Millions lost their lives in the struggle. Yet the freedom fighters advanced.

    * Indians manoeuvres were teared apart by the mighty British.

    * However,  Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, through a series of movements, We made the English bug out of our country.

    * That's how we got the Independence.

    * We are celebrating our 67th Independence day today.

    * Are we celebrating the real independence or for just name sake..?

    * Is what happening today in our country is called the Independence..?

    * I guess not so. Certainly we have got the freedom of speech, right to vote and every right that a citizen deserves.

    * But are we contented with that alone..?

    * We have got independence from the English but have been captivated by our Politicians who are proving to be more tactical than the English.

    * Is this why our freedom fighters got us the Independence..?

    * Certainly our Politicians today are leading astray.

    * In each and every aspect we are being betrayed and we have no other go but to go along with them.

    * Politicians are using their power mischievously and there is a need to keep an end to it.

    * Need for a change indeed. But the change happens only in movies.

    * In fact they ban movies for no reasons too. Irony but truth.

    * Hoping for a better INDIA that is real independent,  non corrupt and progressive in every aspect.

    * Expecting that we will get our real independence soon.

    * But how ..? That prolongs to be the question...!

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