Droid & Me...!

Android - The latest trending mobile OS that has revolutionized the world with its amazing performance ..
Click to know more about android..! Just a brief note on my experience with Android.

           Since I was very much attracted to android, I was eager to create apps and know how the stuffs actually work. After studying the basics, I was fascinated. That was the moment I began to write apps.

          There was a need for me to have an app of my own to keep track of all the classes I bunk. Also I needed to learn how to develop an android app. The result was Bunkdance. It was a simple app that keeps track of the number of classes bunked. It was limited to my subjects in that semester alone. Yet, it was really cool to use my own app and the happiness that I experienced when people used my app was just inexpressible.

 So thought, why not create a generalized version of the app so that everyone can make use of it. 

          Bunkster was the generalized version of Bunkdance and it can be customized. It allowed users to chose the no of subjects they have, change the name of each subject and have a look at the total bunks that they have made. It crossed 200 downloads. Though it was very few in number, i was pleased.

Slowly this became my passion and started writing more apps, like Virtuoso14 - the app for my department function and MyLogger - to keep track of the no of hours spent for an activity (might be your work at office , gym, training, etc)

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