Happieee Independence day ......??

* August 15, 1947 , the day India got freedom from the arrogant English.

* It was not pronounced in a matter of years. It was indeed acquired after decades of struggle.

* Millions lost their lives in the struggle. Yet the freedom fighters advanced.

* Indians manoeuvres were teared apart by the mighty British.

* However,  Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, through a series of movements, We made the English bug out of our country.

* That's how we got the Independence.

* We are celebrating our 67th Independence day today.

* Are we celebrating the real independence or for just name sake..?

* Is what happening today in our country is called the Independence..?

* I guess not so. Certainly we have got the freedom of speech, right to vote and every right that a citizen deserves.

* But are we contented with that alone..?

* We have got independence from the English but have been captivated by our Politicians who are proving to be more tactical than the English.

* Is this why our freedom fighters got us the Independence..?

* Certainly our Politicians today are leading astray.

* In each and every aspect we are being betrayed and we have no other go but to go along with them.

* Politicians are using their power mischievously and there is a need to keep an end to it.

* Need for a change indeed. But the change happens only in movies.

* In fact they ban movies for no reasons too. Irony but truth.

* Hoping for a better INDIA that is real independent,  non corrupt and progressive in every aspect.

* Expecting that we will get our real independence soon.

* But how ..? That prolongs to be the question...!

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Unknown said...

real independence is oly a reverie....:-(

vignesh said...

not all politicians are like tat!! our former president Dr. Abdul kalam is one such person.... it may be reverie but i believe it will surely come true one day!!hope is everything nd let's hope for d best!!

Manoj Prabhakar said...

true fact to indians when reading this info.

Rahul Ramfort said...

Exactly Pravin... I agree with u... And people are unaware of that... That's the sad part...

Rahul Ramfort said...

@Vignesh : But what i tend to ask is that, why can't all the politicians be genuine like our APJ.. You know what happened to our APJ, was he persisted with..?? Certainly not. That's the lame politics..

Rahul Ramfort said...

Yup.. Tysm Manoj..!!!

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