Life beyond your screen..!

Having a Facebook account has become a necessity once you
turn 15+.

How it starts :

It all starts with scrolling through your boring newsfeed and sending friend

But once you are all set, your life becomes Facebook-centred, which sets
me wondering why it has become such an integral part
of our lives

Our Facebook persona has become our primary concern
and we fail to realise we have a beautiful life beyond the
digital screen.

We pose for photos even better than models to gain a respectable
number of “likes”, we beat our brains for a fitting caption to
define our profile picture, we go to restaurants and cool
places only to update status or “check in” from that place.

Life without facebook :

Each and every moment of our life revolves around Facebook.

Let us rewind to our Facebook-less lives for a

We will realise that a select choice of candid photos recalls the choicest and genuine moments of our lives.

Calling on a friend on his/her birthday strengthens the bond of friendship better than posting a birthday wish on their walls.

We were happy in whatever small world we were in and we will discover this genuine and classic way of life can never be paralleled.

Despite having the chance to have contact with our old friends and distance mates, it is still way far inferior to our Fb-less lives.

Fb helps to gain loads of knowledge and the currents updates, yet not many people are using this social networking site for that very purpose.

People love to add new friends to their long list. but what they failed to realise is that, "Books and friends should be few and good.

Well, the debatable topic is whether FACEBOOK IS A BOON OR A BANE.

It totally depends on how people use it yet on the whole, I need to admit that it is certainly revolutionising our way of living.

What's ur say mates.....? 

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Sabari Peace Human said...

I agree wid d point books and friend should be few and good. It's very useful to know about upto date . But many adults getting addiction to it .

vignesh said...

well said dude but like a coin it has two sides both good and bad, the choice is ours correct usage can help us reach hieghts, v can't say its fully bad r completely useful...

aavee said...

It has its own adv n disadv.. nice post

Rahul Ramfort said...

thanx alot aavee bro :) missed u fa some time.. ;-)

Rahul Ramfort said...

thanx for your words guys..

dineshaen said...

ya its true ..every coin has two sides ..but it depends upon how we use..dude.


now a days, getting respectable no of likes has
become a prestigious issue...chattin with someone whom u dono and trusting them is not appreciable
according to me...but u and i who speak about this too are a victim of fb...wanna try to get rid of it.....

Rahul Ramfort said...

i don wanna get rid of fb but just give more importance to the simpler life.. tatz it..

Unknown said...

It helps in strengthening the relationship...

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