Biometrics - A Small Intro

Here is just a precise intro to Biometrics. Hope you have already got enough knowledge about this topic. 

  • Biometrics is a technology used for analyzing the identity of a person.

  • Bios = life ; metrics = measurement.

  • It refers to the identification of humans through their distinctive physiological and behavioral attributes.

  • Firstly, a reference model of the subject is taken and stored in a template.

  • Secondly, some fake samples are matched with the models and the outcome is studied.

  • Finally, at the time of authentication, the model is compared with the appropriate person for verifying his identity.

2D and 3D technology:

  • This technology is now being used in 2D in India and the 3D technology is becoming popular overseas.

  • 2D technology can be used with the cooperation of the subject (in case of passport and other verification) and also without his cooperation (using a cam for capturing and matching a person even in a crowd).

  • The 3D technology can recognize the person even if the expressions alone are different but a 2D cant.

  • 3D technology requires the cooperation of the subject during the processing of the reference model which a 2D doesn’t require.

  • The cost and technology of 3D is higher and complex over 2D.

 But as we know that the technology advances day by day, the 3D technology will become more simple easier to use. Thereby serving as a security against the intruders.  

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Unknown said...

I already heard this in ur ppt.....anyway nice post

Rahul Ramfort said...

many f our mates missed t.. Tatz y posted tis.. Anyways thanx..


using it daily and good to know about the working....

Rahul Ramfort said...

rytly said.. V r using the 2D tech in our col..

Sabari Peace Human said...

I did not know abt biometrics. But I know abt biometrics from this minute by ur post thank u da

Rahul Ramfort said...

but u shud've known t already dude;) happy tat u learnt smetg from tis post.

vignesh said...

it's one of d best security measures at present!!i am glad tat u read about biology too. way to go!!my friend.

Rahul Ramfort said...

i just looked through the technology and not biology;-)

Alavudeen Rafiq said...

now 1ly i heard about this technology. tanx for ur post.

Rahul Ramfort said...

@ Alavudeen : most welome and thanx fa the visit.

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