Prestigious Pope

Everyone of us knows about Pope. But how well we know about that term??? Let’s see..!

  • The term Pope is derived from a Latin word ‘Papa’ & a Greek word ‘Pappas’, meaning a child’s father.

  • Pope is the BISHOP of the Rome and the leader of the worldwide Catholic church.

  • He is also the head of the Vatican state city.

  • Papacy : The office of the Pope.

  • It is believed that Jesus appointed Peter as the head of the Church and Pope is believed to be the successor of Saint Peter.

  • Saint Peter is also referred to as the First Real Pope.

  • The Pope who succeeded St. Peter was St. Linus.

  • The first Pope to retire was Pope St. Pontian.

  • The Pope who is currently in office is Pope Francis who succeeded Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013).

  • There are about 267 Popes till date.

  • Pope Benedict IX has the honour for holding papacy three separate times in his life.

  • A Saint’s prophecy believes that there are only two more Popes left. Never mind..! We just came through the dooms day prophecy failing miserably.

  • Pope Francis has an account in twitter but has not tweeted yet.




Please don’t hesitate for any clarifications and corrections. Additional informations are welcomed with both hands.

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aavee said...

Why they have to be called by a different name when they become "Pope"?er

Also I was expecting there wud be something about the "smoke" selection process..

Rahulopedia comes out well everytime! (Hope next one will not be about nithyananda.. ;-) )

Rahul Ramfort said...

yup..! burning ballot - black and white smoke... Thought f includn tat but then the post myt be too long.. So left off...
Regarding ur ultimate point, i myself too hope not..;-)

Sabari Peace Human said...

They r beautiful persons of world and the new pope is Jeorge Mario Bergoglio elected on march 13,2013


nice post n he is a non-european......he s an argentinian.....

Rahul Ramfort said...

rytly said dude... Sabari aa ithu...?? ;-)

vignesh said...

wats the difference between cardinals and pope?

Rahul Ramfort said...

actually Cardinals is like the Cabinet da. It consists of a league of very experienced old people who will elect the pope and monitor the administration of the pope.. Cardinals cannot be made Pope.. hope this explanation satisfied you..

vignesh said...

sure got to new info...well said dude

Rahul Ramfort said...

thanx alot.. YW..!!

Manoj Prabhakar said...

nice and good information da.

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