Creating a secure password....

Most of us are not aware of how to set a password. We think that, choosing a password is a easier task. But there are certain basic things that we must know before choosing a password. I'm sure, after reading this post 90% of people will know that they have not set a more reliable password.

  • Create a password that contains atleast 8 characters. Most preferably between 10 and 15.
  • Adding symbolic characters, numbers, alternate upper and lower case characters will strengthen your password.
  • If you don't make use of vowels, it will be great. Though this is a difficult task, try it.
  • Make sure you can remember the password with ease. Else it would be an uphill task to see it every time.
  • Don't write down the password anywhere. If you do so, make sure you keep it extremely safe.
  • Make sure you can type your password within a flash. This will be crucial especially when a gang of people are around you.
  • Don't use passwords related to your personal information like your name, mobile no, birthday, address, id, email address.


  • Use a good password generator.
  • Concatenate words using punctuation as many as you can.
  • Don't hesitate to change your password if you doubt that someone might have known your password.
  • Change your password atleast once in a two months.
  • Don't save your password in any non reliable sites, even in your own system.


  • Stealing : 
                        This happens when some intruder sees your password or finds it anywhere you have saved or written down.

  • Blind Guess : 
                         You might be amazed to know some people just try out your password using your name or number or some basic informations. So beware of them.

  • Brutal force :
                         This is by a professional hacker where he tries out a million of combinations to guess your password. With the advancements in technology today, he might be able to generate 200,000 different combinations per second. So better don't under estimate him.

  • Dictionary attack :
                        This is the wisest way to guess your password. In this method, passwords are chosen in random basis using a dictionary. There are specialized dictionary for this purpose and they go on doing this until your password is found. So better don't keep just two words as passwords.

If you feel, you don't have a trustworthy password, change it at once as you know,

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Navaneeth Damotarasamy said...

nice.. ennoda passwordu romba weaka irukuthu.. first change pannanu..

aavee said...

Also it wud be better not to install any hacking tool in the system to capture vistor's passwords ;-)

Rahul Ramfort said...

ha ha.... Crime Accepted..:) Tatz bcoz i'm learning to be a potential hacker too..;)

Unknown said...

yeah da i changed my password after reading ur post da..tanks 4 d information abt passwords

Sabari Peace Human said...

okay da i think my password is too weak.. so i will change my password soon.

Gurupranav said...

a good social information..thank u da!!!!

Rahul Ramfort said...

Thankzzz guys..! lots more to come..

Unknown said...

congrats and keep it up.....


i changed my password after reading this........good go dude....

Rahul Ramfort said...

Glad that u changed ur password after reading my post..

Nandu Kumar said...

u r great da to think like tis............ ithu paththathu annatha innu ethirparkara...

Rahul Ramfort said...

thanx alot dude.:):) ll try to fulfill ur xpctatns..!

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