Dada - The Unsung Hero..!

Today is the day, when Sourav Ganguly played his final match of his career. Yes, its May 5th.

Who is that guy ?
Who can make Steve waugh
wait for 10 mins for the toss..

Who is that guy ?
Who can remove his jercy in
ecstacy in lords in front of
English crowd...

Who is that guy ?
Who can go to umpire and
force him to give for third
umpire decision when he feels
decision is wrong...

Who is that guy ?
Who can warn a batsman not
to run down the pitch when
even umpires forgot to warn...

Who is that guy ?
Who can bravely say to a
coach that he is being partial...

Who is that guy ?
Who roared back to prove
himself when everyone said
his career has ended...

Who is that guy ?
Who argues and fights to get a
player in the squad...

Who is that guy ?
Who showed that even India
can win overseas matches...

Who is that guy ?
Who stepped forward when
legends like Sachin himself
stepped back to take
captaincy ...

Can we see any other guy who is
such gutsy aggressive and
daring with bravery... And all
this with a smile on his face...

Sourav Ganguly became Indian
captain when the Indian team
was in black time, and he brought
India from 8th to 2nd rank in
ICC Test Rankings.

He was the 1st foreigner to
score a Test debut 100 at Lords.

He scored 16 test centuries and India haven't lost any match.

He won 4 consecutive man of the match awards in ODI,
which is a record and have won 31 man of the match
awards (3rd in the list) in ODI.

He has got the record of
maximum 6's in World Cup and
highest individual score of an
Indian in World Cup.

He is 4th in the no. of ODI 6s. He involved in the 1st 300
partnership in ODI which is still
the best in World Cup.

He gets claps by the fight
against the opposition team in
the ground and fights against team management and
others outside the field.

¤The warrior won't pick up his bat again¤

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Prabakaran said...

The young Indian Talents can be enriched only if Dada coaches Indian team. Awaiting for that big moment.

Unknown said...

u should check out d records again.....
He is not a max six hitter in world cup,he is not at 4th position in no of odi 6s...(max 6s-ponting,4th position-king of striker(c.h.g)) :-):-)

Rahul Ramfort said...

okie agreed. But among the Indians, he holds the record for the most sixes in WCs. Gayle too overtuk him recently only. Dada is 2nd among the Indians..:)

Rahul Ramfort said...

@ Prabakaran : Rightly said fellow Gangulian. He needs to coach our team sooner...! Have to wait and see..

vignesh said...

a post by the true ganguly fan but his exit wasn't as flamboyant as his entry bcz he retired with so much controversy unlike dravid who retired wen he was at his peak....

Vichu said...

I see a true ganguly fan here.... hmmm.. nice post though..

Rahul Ramfort said...

@ Vignesh : yup. He was forced to retire in test as well as IPL unlike others. Tat made up the controversy.. He can still lead a side superbly with just a crew of youngsters but the damn Politics denied him. That made the difference between him and Dravid.


Dada - The Bengal Tiger is the best captain of India who made big chases for India look simpler..

Rahul Ramfort said...

He was at his aggressive best during his prime form and provided some terrific starts to the team ...:-)

Sabari Peace Human said...

if he becomes coach of indian team , our team ll be more strong......can we c him?????

Rahul Ramfort said...

That depends on the Indian Cricket Board, BCCI. Lets c.!!

aavee said...

Dada ki jai!


the word 'Guideway' starts with 'g' n ends with 'y' so does 'Ganguly'....
Ganguly brought the team from 8th to 2nd position. Dhoni brought the team only from the 2nd to the 1st position... all hail Ganguly.. "TAKE A BOW" to the 'Prince of Kolkata'

Rahul Ramfort said...

Awesome:) really wonderful words to hear for a Gangulian like me..:)

Navaneeth Damotarasamy said...

He is a gr8 legendary player and captain.. We will miss him..!

Unknown said...

dhoni won a worldcup wit best ganguly made the best of the available players...

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