The Most useful site on the internet..!

Now-a-days, the second best friend to a internet user after Google is definitely WIKIPEDIA. If one needs the trace out something, there comes Wikipedia.

  •     Wikipedia was created as a complement and "feeder" to Nupedia.

  •     Nupedia was created in 2000, the plan was to feature expert-written, peer-reviewed content. But it suffered from a major problem, lack of speed.

  •     Its main contributor was Ward Cunningham.

  •     To improvise it, Larry Sanger suggested, creating a counterpart that anyone could contribute to without editorial review and the result was.

  •     Wikipedia is a non profit foundation, formally launched on Jan 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.

  •     The new model quickly eclipsed its older sibling. 

  •     By the end of the first year, Wikipedia contained more than 20,000 articles in 18 languages.

  •     Since then, the site has grown rapidly,to 250,000 articles by 2004 and a million by 2006 and now more than 4 million entries and 17 billion users.

  •     People who edit Wikipedia are self-selected, self-titled "Wikipedians", who spend many hours working on articles.
  •     There are more than 1000 administrators.

  •     The problem that Wikipedia faces is, how to censor unacceptable or offensive content, without actually censoring information.

  •      The company's costs reach nearly $6 million per year. It has more than 100 billion page views per year yet it is and it will remain ad free.

  •     It is basically run by the donations funded all over the globe.

  •     So, as far as the funds flow, Wikipedia will educate people and will be a dominant site in the foreseeable future without advertising.

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vignesh said...

most of the google search results in wikipedia page which also one of the most important factors contributing the huge popularity of google the most important aspect is tat its ad free,but the self editing providence is free vulnerability bcz false info can merged with the real one

Rahul Ramfort said...

yup but efforts have been put to reduce the false info that is being added.. But as we know, maintaining such a huge org is a tough job. So gradually this will be more secured....

Vichu said...

hmm.. i bet that u wud hav got the above info from wikipedia nly...

Alavudeen Rafiq said...

hm nice info da

Rahul Ramfort said...

@ Vichu : Nope buddy.. I agree that i searched but i couldn't find.Wikipedia in Wikipedia..;-)

Unknown said...

@rahul you deceived.....i found wikipedia in wikipedia..:-):-)

Rahul Ramfort said...

i'm not a potential hacker to find everything.... I'm just a dilettante not a buff like you man..;-)

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